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Samples Where are the samples in Honor Thy Father from?
A massive thank you to William Groenendijk, who sent me the following email:

"I did some reseach on the samples used in "Honor Thy Father", based on the info provided and some various sources on the net, and this is what I came up with. Post it if you like.

[- main sample -]
"This is the regret that you make
This is the...
Regret that you make
And the something you take

Mistakes like this... you don't make
You make some and ok
Not ok, sometimes, you make other ones
Know that you should do better

The goddamn regret
The goddamn regret!
And I'll die
Now I'll die
The biggest regret of my life... I let my love go
What did I do?
The fucking regret
What did I do?
What did I do?"
[ Jason Robards, sample from the movie "Magnolia" ]

[-other samples-]
"We just don't connect"
[unknown sample]

"Well, I want my family back."
"Well, you can't have it. I'm sorry for you, but it's too late."
[Gene Hackman and Angelica Huston, samples from movie "The Royal Tenenbaums"]

"Can't you see anything except in terms of how it affects you?!"
[ Donald Sutherland, sample from the movie "Ordinary People" ]

"I can't love anybody"
[unknown sample]

"I gave you money, I gave you a car, I took you in
Don't that mean something?"
[ Christopher Walken, sample from the movie "At Close Range" ]

"[something] ...I'm disappointed in you"
[unknown sample]

"You deserve to die alone for what you've done"
[ Melinda Dillon, sample from the movie "Magnolia" ]

"You cocksucker, I hated you
I want you to know that I hate your fucking guts
Just fucking die, you fuck"
[ Tom Cruise, sample from the movie "Magnolia" ]

"I'm your blood - I'm your family"
"You're not my family - not anymore"
[ Christopher Walken and Sean Penn, sample from the movie "At Close Range" ]

"When your own flesh and blood renounces you...
...you have no choice but to renounce them"
[ J.K. Simmons, sample from the TV-series OZ, season3 espiode21 "US Male" ]

I'm quite sure that 90% of this is correct.



Where is the voice in A Fortune in Lies from?
Mike Portnoy recorded it off a television documentary about the prison system.

What are the samples in 6:00?
They came from John Huston's movie "The Dead" which is based on James Joyce's short story "The Dead" which is available separately (from Penguin books in the US) or as part of "Dubliners" (a collection of Joyce's short stories).

The words are (from the book):

--No, continued Aunt Kate, she wouldn't be said or led by anyone, slaving there in that choir night and day, night and day. Six o'clock on Christmas morning! And [all] for what?
--Well, isn't it for the honour of God, Aunt Kate? asked Mary Jane, twisting round on the piano-stool and smiling.

Aunt Kate turned fiercely on her niece and said:

--I know all about the honour of God, Mary Jane, but I think it's not at all honourable for the pope to turn out the women out of the choirs that have slaved there all their lives and put little whipper-snappers of boys over their heads. I suppose it is for the good of the Church if the pope does it. But it's not just, Mary Jane, and it's not right.

What are the samples in Space-Dye Vest?
The first sample in SDV is from the Merchant/Ivory film "A Room With A View". The complete passage says:

"...he's the sort who can't know anyone intimately, least of all a woman. He doesn't know what a woman is. He wants you for a possession, something to look at, like a painting or an ivory box. Something to own and to display. He doesn't want you to be real, or to think, or to live. He doesn't love you. But I love you. I want you to have your own thoughts and ideas and feelings, even when I hold you in my arms...it's our last chance."

These lines are spoken by actor Julian Sands' character, George Emerson. In this pivotal scene, he's trying to convince the woman he loves, Lucy Honeychurch (played by Helena Bonham-Carter), who is engaged to be married to someone else, that she's making a horrible mistake and that she truly belongs with him instead.

Another interesting connection between SDV and A Room With A View is that Kevin based most of the song around a chord progression that's actually from the background music in movie! It only appears a couple of times in very short sections, but it's definitely the same chord progression that Kevin used in SDV.

This sample was taken from TV commentator Jim Hill of KCBS in Los Angeles during the O.J. Simpson police chase:

"Some people gave advice before about facing the facts, about facing reality. And this is, this without a doubt, is his biggest challenge ever. He's going to have to face it. You're gonna have to try, he's gonna have to try and, uh, and, and, and get some help here. I mean, you know, now no one can say they know how he feels..."

The following is from an episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien (unconfirmed):

"That's what they say that, like that in Houston, or something. They say 'yeah, it's 180 degrees, but it's a dry heat.'"
"In Houston they say that?"
"Oh, maybe not, I'm all mixed up."
"Dry until they hit the swimming pool."

These samples have been identified as being taken from the documentary "The Trouble With Evan," from a Canadian series called "The Fifth Estate":

Evan's stepfather: (unintelligible talking)"...I'll get up with the sun...she doesn't, she doesn't want you to sleep in...I don't care what you do, I don't care what you say, you're grounded... that door gets locked, that door gets locked at night by 9 o'clock. If you're not in this house by 9 o'clock, then you'd better find someplace to sleep...you think you can go to your mom's house and sucker her into it?..."(unintelligible talking)
Evan: "I can move out on my own, uhm, get a job, get my own place... I'll go to the mall whenever I like... they tell me I'm much too young..."

Irene Raceu explains that the documentary is about child abuse. As Irene explains, "The show was filmed by some researchers because the parents supposedly complained that Evan was a problem child, had all sorts of behavior problems, etc. So they set up cameras in the house for many months and filmed what went on". Sander Moes (moes@geof.ruu.nl) also helped to compile this information.

What are the samples in The Mirror?
Mark "Itchy" Bredius wrote to the YML with the following information, which to date has neither been confirmed nor disproven by anyone else (so feel free to help out!).

He says that the woman's voice ("Everything you need is around you. The only danger is inside you.") is Mary Beth Hurt's, from a movie called "Lightsleeper", directed by Paul Schrader in 1992. It also starred Willem Dafoe and Susan Sarandon.

Mark also wrote that the male voice is Jeremy Irons' from the movie "Damage," from Louis Malle, also in 1992. Mark transcribed the passages this way:

(Jeremy Irons in Damage)
The feeling that (3:23) I HAVEN'T BEHAVED AS I SHOULD. You know, what you were saying in Hartley about passion... You were right. I was distanted. I know I was.
(Mary Beth Hurt in Lightsleeper)

(Jeremy Irons in Damage)
(3:39) BUT IT'S NOT LIKE THAT... There are things you...

Mike Portnoy also pointed out that the man and woman saying "What are you doing?" after the first verse are Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep from the movie Falling In Love.

The low spoken parts, such as "Resistance", etc., at the beginning of the song, are Mike Portnoy.

What is the spoken passage in Voices?
As noted in the liner notes to Awake, the dialogues in the song were provided by Prix-Mo, who is a rap artist that was recording in the same studio at the time of the Awake sessions. He was reading lines from the book "Cultural Revolution", which inspired John to write the lyrics.

What are the samples in ACOS?
Most of the samples were taken from the movie Dead Poets Society. The "Gather ye rosebuds..." part is a reading of the poem "To The Virgins, To Make Much of Time", and it was read by the actor James Waterston, playing the character Mr. Pitts.

The part of the song after "Goodbye" and before the section where James occasionally sings "Please Don't Go!" live is a collection of lines taken from the movie "Table For Five". The voice is John Voight's.

What are the samples in Don't Look Past Me?
The version of this song on the CD "Subconscious", with Jon Hendricks singing, contains samples from two movies. The sample at the beginning of the song is Robert DeNiro from The Deer Hunter. The "Let me feel bad about this" lines, spoken by Timothy Hutton, are from the movie Ordinary People.

Who provides the children's voices in Goodnight Kiss?
"The children playing are Melody and Max Portnoy, and the goodnight kiss is Marlene and Melody Portnoy!"

- Mike Portnoy

What are the voices heard in Sacrificed Sons?
At the beginning of "Sacrificed Sons" there are voices heard. Those are real news samples from the original coverage that took place during the Twin Towers terrorist attack.