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Miscellaneous How is 'Ytsejam' pronounced?
According to the band, the correct pronunciation is 'yit-say-jam'.

Who is the 'DT Grandma'?
Thanks to Scott Hansen for some of this information:

The "DT Grandma" (as she's come to be known on DT.net) is an elderly lady who is probably a bigger DT fan than most other people in the world! Her name is Patricia McLoughlin, and she "... became a fan of the band around 1992, after Freddie Mercury (of Queen, her favorite band at the time) passed away. She is also a huge fan of Joe Satriani."

We're told she lives in the UK, but she has been spotted backstage chatting with the band in various cities throughout the USA (always wearing a prog/metal shirt), and she even attended the Master of Puppets gig in Barcelona!

What on earth is the Myung tackle?
The following was posted in JR's tour diary on October 31st 2002:

"In this band you NEVER know what is gonna happen. It is a group made up of very unusual, unpredictable characters! Tonight we played in Fuerth Germany and the unexpected happened. In an award winning move at the end of our last song, John Myung Bass player extroadinaire, decided to go over to front man Labrie and TACKLE him football style, with his bass guitar on!!! THe two went down to the floor and rolled for a while while the other members of the group (me included) watched in complete amazement!!! It seems someone (who will go unmentioned) dared JM to do it with cash on the line! Lesson learned here. Don't EVER dare John Myung to do anything because it could happen!!!! Ben the lighting man gave John the "Most Out of Character Award" for the tour!! Unbelievable... Write this day down. It was bizarre."

What is the Jordan Rudess Action Figure?
It was a joke on the Metropolis 2000 DVD about Jordan's playing poses. A DT fan and artist by the name of Andrew Saltmarsh created a fake image of the action figure packaging much to the amusement of DT forumers.

What are these DT rings I've seen around?
In the mid-to-late 90s, a silverworker by the name of Asger Thorulf created hand-made DT rings and pendants and sold them through his website. In the year 2000 he stopped production of the rings, putting this note on his site:

"This years christmas sale will be the last chance to buy rings or pendants from A.Thorulf Gold/ Silverwear since i've decided to close the shop by the end of the year.

The reasons for this are simple. Making and selling the rings is just a hobby for me, a hobby which is claiming a lot of time. During the last year, i've had more and more trouble finding the needed time, and due to this, it's difficult to keep the schedule, which isn't fair for you the customers.

Since this will be your last chance to buy from the shop, i'm re-releasing the old lines of rings.So Now, for this brief period of time, you'll be able buy all three lines of rings (2000, 2001, 2002), and with a 10% discount on both the 2000 and the 2001 line silver rings, And 15% discount on the 2000 and 2001 lines with gold symbol.

You can choose to pay by creditcard by using the "PAYPAL" Link,
by Eurocheck, IMO, or cash.

Remember: Real music is handcrafted, not programmed!!!


What is the swing version of Under a Glass Moon?
This is a parody entitled "Fly Me To The Glass Moon" which was played as the after-show music to many DT shows. It was performed by Chris Santaniello and Eric Yip and was arranged by Kosaku (last name unknown), who has worked with many DT-related artists including LTE. The following can be found on Kosaku's website here:

"When we (Kosaku and Chris) were in NYU music technology program we had to do several recording projects and since we were big DT fans we wanted to do DT covers, but since our friend Eric Yip knew the entire Images and Words album, and Chris was such a big Sinatra fan as well, he came up with this great idea of "Frank does DT(swinging DT)". Chris just went home and arraged everything and came up with the now famous FrankSinatra Fly me to the Glass Moon, but since Eric was such a great guitar player and he could play Petrucci licks in his sleep, we put in the whole DT solo section to show off his guitar greatness."

There is also another parody entitled "Strangers in the Sand", done in the same style.

What is the country version of Through Her Eyes?
It was originally recorded by a Swede named Calle Rydberg and posted to the various DT message boards (to pretty harsh reviews!) in 2004.

Were DT's wives all in a band together?
No, not technically... since this doesn't include JR's or JLB's wives. But the three core members of Dream Theater are all married to women who used to be in the same band together.

Meanstreak were an all-girl thrash metal band in the 80s and early 90s that included Rena Sands (later Petrucci), Marlene Apuzzo (Portnoy), and Lisa Martens Pace (Myung). The band broke up in 1993 (?) but are obviously still friends and remain in contact since their husbands are all in DT.

MP funded and produced a demo tape for the band in the early 90s and funded one of their tours. They also opened for DT at a number of shows in the US. A Meanstreak tour with Dream Theater in support is a running joke with MP on the MP.com forum, but in reality is extremely unlikely.

Why is Terry Brown listed as a special NO thanks on the SFAM DVD?
Terry Brown produced Scenes From a Memory, and also provided the voice for the hypnotherapist. When it came time to record the gig at Roseland for a DVD release, Mike asked Terry if he would make an appearance as the hypnotherapist. Terry agreed, but asked for a payment (which is usually standard when appearing in movies/music DVDs), and Mike was a bit miffed that he asked him to appear as a favor and in the end was told he'd have to pay for it.

So a new hypnotherapist was cast, and Terry Brown was given a special NO thanks in the DVD credits. Mike has also said that he will no longer work with Terry on any future projects.

Misheard lyrics
Here's a small list of some humorous (and some not so humorous) misheard lyrics.

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