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Falling Into Infinity How was FII recorded differently?
On all of DT's previous albums, the recording was done instrument by instrument. Each band member would record all his tracks and then they would all be mixed together at the end.

During the Falling Into Infinity sessions, the songs were recorded one at a time. Each member would lay down the tracks for one song, then that song would be mixed. The end result was that each song had it's own characteristics and variances that would be missing with the previous method.

What's the illusion on the FII cover?
If you stare at the cover and slightly cross your eyes, the figures seem to come out from the background, and by rotating the cover left or right, one of the figures will seem to lift higher out of the water than the other.

It is not known if this was intentional or not, but it's doubtful.

Who are the Del Fuvio Monks?
"Del Fuvio Monks was the background vocal section comprised of John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy, and Myself. Underneath the surface the Del Fuvios were a secret organization based on Mockery, Bitter Diatribe, and Sardonicism. We were so fucking brutal, it was unbelievable"

- Derek Sherinian

What is Peruvian Skies about?
"Peruvian Skies" is based on an article that Petrucci read about an abused girl in Peru, which is where the title came from.

Was Burning My Soul different on the CD to how DT wrote it?
Yes, the song was slightly rearranged for the sake of the CD. The original version - played live at some Christmas shows before the recording of the CD - was almost twice as long, thanks to a 4 minute long instrumental section. This instrumental section was lifted from the song and recorded separately as "Hell's Kitchen".

During parts of the World Tourbulence 2002 tour, the band resurrected this early version of "Burning My Soul".

What is Hell's Kitchen?
Hell's Kitchen is the neighborhood in New York City where you can find Avatar Studios, the site of the recording of Falling Into Infinity.

What is Take Away My Pain about?
It was written by John Petrucci in memory of his late father who died of cancer in 1996.

"Another Day" was written about his struggle with the disease.

Who is Anna Lee?
She is a fictional character that James invented after being "deeply moved" by some articles he had read about child abuse and incest.