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Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory How did SFAM come about?
Originally, Metropolis part 1 was named as a joke, but after being badgered by fans, DT decided to write a song to complete part 2. It was written during the Falling Into Infinity sessions, but wasn't included in the album because it was over 20 minutes long and the record company were not interested in a double CD at that time (which was the only way it would fit in the album). There were some plans for an A Change of Seasons-style EP release, but that idea was shelved.

It was put away into Mike's collection of unreleased material, and didn't resurface until they were ready to record their fifth album. When in the studio, the band decided to turn it into a concept album, instead of a single song, and it eventually became Scenes From a Memory.

What is SFAM about?
Scenes From a Memory has a very complicated plotline which is very hard to understand without having read the lyrics.

The DT.net member "Mystery" posted a full analysis of the story, which has been posted in the Song Analyses section of the FAQ.

Can I get more info on the SFAM story?
After touring extensively throughout the world in support of Scenes From a Memory, a live DVD entitled Metropolis 2000 was released. Intercut with the concert footage is live action sequences and there is also a commentary from the band themselves. It has proven invaluable for many people when trying to understand Scenes From a Memory.