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Other albums and songs What are the Majesty Demos?
The Majesty Demos was a very early demo tape (and later CD) released by DT back when they were called Majesty. The demos are actually the first original material ever put to tape by the band, and hold a special place in the history of DT.

Apart from that CD, "Majesty Demos" refers also to any songs DT demoed back when they were Majesty (and even some from when they were DT). Here is a list of these songs:

A Change of Seasons
A Late Summer Rain
A Vision *
Another Won *
Creep With Tonality (1)
Cry for Freedom
Death of Spock, The
Don't Look Past Me
Gates of Babylon (2)
Golden Slumbers (3)
Grab That Feel (4)
Killing Hand, The
March of the Tyrant *
Mission: Impossible
O Holy Night
Resurrection of Ernie
To Live Forever
Too Far *
Vital Star *
Ytse Jam
Your Majesty *
Wanted: Dead or Alive (sort of a joke)

1 - Later renamed Learning to Live
2 - An old Rainbow song
3 - Also called The Golden Weight
4 - Later renamed Take The Time

* - Appears on the Majesty Demos 1987 CD.

In 2003, as part of the first batch of the Ytsejam Records releases, the Majesty Demos were re-released in vastly-improved quality and with some bonus tracks.

What is Wanted Dead or Alive?
John Petrucci originally recorded this cover of the Bon Jovi song as a practice tape for one of his guitar students before Images and Words was released. The demo tracks laid down by John were recorded with guitar and a drum machine only and no added vocals. Eventually Chris Collins, one of Dream Theater's earliest vocalists, got hold of the tape and decided to add some vocals of his own to the background music. The final result is what you hear on the version available as an MP3 on various websites and P2P networks.

Is Eve a religious song?
The piano/guitar intro sequence used live for both "Pull Me Under" and "Learning To Live" at different times, includes a lot of voice samples from James Joyce's "A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man". According to sources close to Moore, "although Eve is named after the christian concept of Eve, it was more inspired by James Joyce and their shared contempt of Christianity than anything else".

What are the ATCO Demos?
The ATCO Demos is an EP that DT recorded and sent to ATCO Atlantic, which eventually resulted in their 7-album record deal. It had three songs on it: "To Live Forever", "Take the Time", and "Metropolis Part 1".

As a special Images and Words 10th Anniversery celebration, the DTIFC sent out copies of the ATCO Demos to subscribers of their magazine.

What is a Bombay Vindaloo?
A Bombay vindaloo is a hot and spicy Indian-style chicken and potato dish invented in England.

What is the pepper symbol on LATM?
There are two theories. The first theory is that this symbol is called "Alceringa", which means "dream time". It was used by aboriginal Australians to describe what they believed was the "other" state of being. They were baffled by what happened when one fell asleep, what we today refer to as dreaming. So, they gave a name to this other world that one entered during a slumber - Alceringa, the Dreamtime.

The other theory is that it doesn't actually mean anything, and it's just a neat-looking printer's symbol.

It might be a reference to Bombay vindaloo, which incorporates peppers.

What is Puppies on Acid?
It's an early version of "The Mirror" which consisted only of the opening riff up to where the vocals come in. You can see it in action on the Live in Tokyo video, as an intro to "Take the Time".

Interestingly, this is the first thing JP worked on when he got his 7-string guitar.

What is A Change of Seasons about?
There are two different themes involved in "A Change of Seasons". The first is the death of Mike's mother, which is evident throughout the song. It is apparent that after her death, Mike felt that he needed to live his life to the full, and the 'carpe diem' idea that is seen throughout the song was a big part of that. The second theme is the life cycle of man, compared to different seasons.

Where is 'Gather ye rosebuds...' from?
These lines are part of a poem by Robert Herrick called "To The Virgins, To Make Much of Time". The full text of the poem is as follows:

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying.
The glorious lamp of heaven, the Sun,
The higher he's a-getting
The sooner will his race be run,
And nearer he's to setting.

That age is best which is the first,
When youth and blood are warmer;
But being spent, the worse, and worst
Times, still succeed the former.

Then be not coy, but use your time;
And while ye may, go marry:
For having lost but once your prime,
You may forever tarry.

The sound samples in the song are from a scene in the movie Dead Poets Society, which shares the 'carpe diem' themes with ACOS.

What are the ACOS section times?
According to Mike Portnoy, these are the official start times of each section:

I The Crimson Sunrise 0:00
II Innocence 3:50
III Carpe Diem 6:54
IV The Darkest of Winters 10:08
V Another World 13:01
VI The Inevitable Summer 16:59
VII The Crimson Sunset 20:12

What is 'mercy fuck' in some live versions of ACOS about?
Originally, the line "I don't need your sympathy to get me through the day" was actually "I don't need your mercy fuck to get me through the day". At some early shows, James sang these original lyrics instead of the 'official' ones.

Also, during the latter stages of the Scenes From a Memory tour, James included this section. An example can be found on the 2000 Christmas CD.

What's special about LSFNY?
There are many special things about Live Scenes From New York:

- It marked Jordan's first live album with the band
- It's the first time the band has released "A Mind Beside Itself" in its entirity on a live album.
- It's the first time a version of the complete "A Change of Seasons" has been available on a live release.
- The show itself lasted well over 3 hours, after which MP passed out and was almost taken to hospital

This concert is generally considered to be one of the best in DT history.

Are there any overdubs on DT's live albums?
Yes, there have been a few fix-ups on DT's live albums over the years, although MP has tried to stay away from the studio as much as possible since Live at the Marquee.

LATM: A significant chunk of the vocals were overdubbed, as well as some of the guitars.

OIALT: I'm unsure if there were any overdubs on this album, but Derek points out that there were no keyboard touch-ups at all.

LSFNY: JP's back-up vocals in "The Silent Man" were re-recorded because he sang the wrong lyrics on the night. There was also a screw-up in "Through Her Eyes" which was not fixed because Mike wasn't available on the day the overdubs were recorded (both his and JP's back-up vocals at the concert for that song were through the same mic, so it wasn't possible to just re-record JP).

What is the 're-usable riff' phenomenon?
This is a 'phenomenon' whereby melodies and riffs from one song are repeated in another. Due to the heavily thematic story-telling nature of DT songs, this is quite a common occurence.

"Pull Me Under" and "Take The Time" share a melody, which is not quite a riff, but they are identical if juxtaposed on a corresponding major/minor scale. "Wait For Sleep" and "Learning to Live" also share a main riff. Thematically, none of the songs interconnect.

Mike Portnoy has said that the music is written out before the lyrics are written and set to melody. It is possible that they were intended to be counterparts and that the relation was either scrapped or made more subtle.

The PMU-TTT connection is not as direct as the WFS-LTL connection. The melody from PMU's "This World is spinning around me, this world is spinning without me" in a minor scale sung by LaBrie is reproduced at 4:18 of the TTT instrumental section in a major scale played by Petrucci. So, the question remains, "are the 16-note melodies reproduced completely by coincidence on the same album by the same band?"

Also, all throughout Awake, there is a lot of intentional riff sharing. Without referring to the obvious "Erotomania", which is MADE UP OF riffs from other songs, the "Space Dye Vest" piano melody was added to "The Mirror," "LSOAD," and "Scarred".

Another obvious one is MP's Alcoholics Anonymous suite: The Glass Prison, This Dying Soul and The Root of All Evil share some musical themes and melodies.

Are there DT video clips?
The following songs have accompanying videos:

Pull Me Under
Take The Time
Another Day
The Silent Man
Hollow Years

"Another Day" did not make MTV's playlist, even though DT felt it had the most MTV potential. "Pull Me Under" was shot live and has received the most airplay. "Take The Time" was shot as a full-scale video production, but the song had to be shortened a lot and many unexpected edits in the song throw off the video's pace and consistency. "Lie" got regular rotation.

There is no video for "Caught In a Web," contrary to what was previously thought. "The Silent Man" was shown in Europe - to our knowledge, it has not been sighted in the US on MTV. Mike Portnoy directed the video to "The Silent Man". There is also a live performance video for "The Silent Man". Again, this has only been seen in Europe.

There was talk of a video for "As I Am" after the release of TOT, but it never went ahead. The band have never discussed why the video was not made, but it is almost certainly due to one of two possibilities: either Elektra wouldn't provide the funding, or DT decided against doing it themselves.

What Fan Club CDs and DVDs have been released?
Since 1996 DT have released an annual CD (known as the Christmas CD until 2002 when it was no longer released at Christmas time) to the members of the international fan club as a 'thank you' for supporting the band. They were discontinued in 2004/05 because the International Fan Club ceased to exist. The CDs released are as follows (thanks to Nico for details of how many copies were pressed):

1996 (1,600 pressed)

The first ever Christmas CD had a collection of rare or previously unheard songs from DT shows in the early 90s, as well as greetings from the band. Today, this CD sells for incredible amounts on eBay, and is a very rare find.

1997 - The Making of Falling Into Infinity (3,400)

As the name suggests, the second Christmas CD contained studio tracks from the recording of FII, much like Ytsejam Records' "Making of SFAM".

1998 - Once in a LIVEtime Outtakes (4,000)

This CD contains some of the tracks left out of the OIALT live CD, recorded in Europe.

1999 - Cleaning Out the Closet (5,350 + 2,000)

This is one of the most popular annual CDs because it contains some previously unavailable material spanning DT's entire history.

2000 - Scenes From a World Tour (7,800)

The bulk of this CD is made up of highlights (and some lowlights) of the Metropolis 2000 world tour.

2001 - Four Degrees of Radio Edits (7,619)

A collection of radio edits from SDOIT.

2002 - Taste the Memories (6,600)

As a celebration of IAW's 10th anniversary, this CD of songs from IAW, WDADU and some rarities was compiled from the Images and Tour concerts from the early 90s.

2003 - Graspop Festival 2002 (7,330)

A recording of DT's heaviest set to that point, performed at the Graspop Music Festival in Belgium, 2002.

2004 - A Sort of HomeComing (7,500)

Contains selected tracks from the concert at Madison Square Garden, April 3rd 2004 as well as other performances from the north-america tour of 2004.

2005 - A Walk Beside The Band (5,000)

Contains several live tracks from the european leg of the Octavarium tour with interviews and backstage tours.

2006 - Romavarium (5,000)

The second set of the last show of the european leg in Rome - the entire Octavarium record played in its entirity.

Did DT ever do a song called Infected Mushroom?
No, that is a mis-labeled track - it's actually a song named "Dream Theater" by a trance act named Infected Mushroom.

Did DT ever do a song called Crack the Sky?
No, this is another mis-labeled track, and in fact has been around since the mid-to-late 1990s.

The song is not by the band Crack the Sky, as some have speculated, nor is it the song "Crack the Big Sky" by Spock's Beard - it's actually by a band called MVP (or Michael Vescera Project). Michael Vescera is a vocalist who has worked with Yngwie Malmsteen amongst others in the past, and MVP is his personal project. The song "Crack the Sky" comes from MVP's album Windows, released in 1999 and re-released in 2004.