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Side projects and solo albums Who belongs to which side project?
Here is a basic run-down of the side projects and guest appearances DT have been involved in, not including tribute albums:

JLB: Shadow Gallery - Tyranny (guest spot), MullMuzzler, Explorer's Club, Leonardo, Frameshift

JM: Explorer's Club, Gordian Knot (guest), Platypus, The Jelly Jam

JP: Guitar Battle, Liquid Tension Experiment, JP & JR

MP: Liquid Tension Experiment, TransAtlantic, OSI, John Arch, Neal Morse

JR: JP & JR, RPM, David Bowie
(NOTE: Jordan wasn't in Dream Theater at the time LTE was recorded, so it's not really a "side project")

What solo albums have been released?
Derek: Planet X (now a full band), Inertia, Black Utopia, Mythology

Jordan: Listen, Secrets of the Muse, Resonence, Feeding the Wheel, 4NYC, Rhythm of Time

John P: Suspended Animation

James: Elements of Persuasion

What tribute CDs have the band appeared on?
Derek played keyboards on the songs "To Cry You a Song" and "Teacher" (with the band Wolfstone) on To Cry You a Song: A Collection of Tull Tales. Three band members appear on Working Man, a Rush tribute album. Mike and Mr. Big's Billy Sheehan provide the rhythm section for "Working Man", "By-Tor and the Snow Dog", "Analog Kid", "The Trees", "La Villa Strangiato", and "Jacob's Ladder". James sings on "By-Tor and the Snow Dog" and on "Red Barchetta", and John Petrucci contributed a guitar solo to "Jacob's Ladder". Mike was also the creative consultant for Working Man. Both titles are available from Magna Carta records.

Also, John Petrucci and James appear on Dragon Attack: A Tribute to Queen. James sings on "Sheer Heart Attack" and "One Vision" (both of which have Mike Portnoy listed in the "Additional Engineering" credits), and John plays on "Another One Bites The Dust". Dragon Attack is available on DeRock Records.

In addition, Mike, Jordan, James and Derek all appeared on Encores, Legends and Paradox: A Tribute to ELP; and Derek added keys for an Alice Cooper tribute CD, Humanary Stew.

What are Mike's tribute bands?
This all started when Mike was asked to play at the Modern Drummer Festival in 2003 - he decided that he would fulfil one of his life-long dreams and assemble a Beatles tribute band. The other members of the band were Neal Morse, Matt Bissonette and Paul Gilbert (Ty Tabor was originally to be included but had to pull out), and they went by the name of Yellow Matter Custard.

As well as the MD Fest show, they played a one-off gig at BB King's in New York City, which was recorded for a live CD and DVD released through Mike's website.

At the Montreal Drum Fest later that year Mike was asked to perform, but instead of re-uniting YMC he instead decided to form Hammer of the Gods, a Led Zeppelin tribute. Paul Gilbert, Dave LaRue and Daniel Gildenlow were chosen as the other members of the band, and they also played a one-off gig at BB King's.

In September 2005, for the Drum Pad's 20th anniversary celebrations, Mike created a Rush tribute band by the name of Cygnus & The Sea Monsters, with Paul Gilbert, Sean Malone and Jason McMaster.

Finally, in January 2006 he announced the fourth (and probably final) installment in his tribute series: Mike Portnoy's Amazing Journey (a tribute to the Who) featuring Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan and Gary Cherone. They will be playing at the CalProg festival, the Drum Pad in Chicago, and BB King's in NYC.

Who have the ex-members gone on to join?
Kevin Moore's time since DT has been spent recording solo or with his band Chroma Key. So far he has released four albums and one film soundtrack, you can find out more at chromakey.com.

Derek Sherinian is now a part of many projects, most notably Planet X - an instrumental fusion shred-fest with Virgil Donati, TJ Helmerich and Rufus Philpot (and formerly Tony MacAlpine). He has also performed with Jughead, Yngwie Malmsteen and Billy Idol.

What was on John P & Jordan's live album?
JP and JR teamed up at the Helen Hayes Performance Arts Centre in Nyack, NY for an extra special night of getting back to their musical roots.

Jordan and John (both of whom have classical music in their backgrounds) performed a night of music that was as far away from the heavy DT as they could get. Consisting mainly of classical pieces written by both guys especially for that night, and with the occasional improvisation, the show was released on a CD entitled An Evening with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess.

The CD is available from JP.com's store, and is also available as a bootleg called "JP & JR Unplugged". The bootleg version has the obvious downsides of a bootleg, but it contains a few tracks not included in the official release.

John also announced that this album will be internationally re-relesed on Steve Vai's Favored Nations label, but no more information has since been given.

Will there be an LTE 3?
No there won't be, unfortnately... unless one of the 3 DT members who were in LTE unexpectedly leaves the band. MP said that there was really no point recording with LTE again, since it's not far removed from DT when 3/4 of the project are in DT.

However, if Mike ever manages to secure the outtakes from Magna Carta (which is very unlikely), there may be some new releases of unused material down the track.

Why did TransAtlantic break up?
TA's break-up was due entirely to Neal Morse's decision to remove himself from his usual music endeavours and start recording his own religious-themed music.

Mike had the following to say about the future of TransAtlantic after Neal announced his decision:

"As a friend - I am trying to be as understanding and supportive as I can be...
As a (part time) band member - I am just honored and privileged to have had the opportunity to work with him as I consider him a musical genius....
and as a fan - I am sad and disappointed at the loss of one of my favorite songwriters....

It surely is shocking and it also spells the end of TransAtlantic as I wouldn't possibly consider continuing it without him...."

Will there be another OSI album?
Yes - it is currently being worked on by Jim, Kevin and Mike. It's currently unclear who (if any) the other personnel will be.

Will there be an OSI tour?
It's likely there will be a tour after OSI 2 is completed.