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Systematic Chaos Systematic Chaos Track Listing
1. In The Presence of Enemies Pt.1 (9:00)
2. Forsaken (5:36)
3. Constant Motion (6:55)
4. The Dark Eternal Night (8:51)
5. Repentance (10:43)
6. Prophets Of War (6:01)
7. The Ministry of Lost Souls (14:57)
8. In The Presence of Enemies Pt.2 (16:38)

Systematic Chaos Special Edition
The Special Edition DVD will include:

--- the entire album mixed in 5.1 surround sound
--- "Chaos in Progress - The Making of Systematic Chaos"
(a 90-minute documentary directed by Mike Portnoy)

Systematic Chaos Artwork
The album cover artwork for Systematic Chaos was created by Hugh Syme (who also did the artwork for Octavarium), an artist most notably known for being the creator of all of Rush's artworks since 1975 and also appearing on Rush albums playing the keyboards. He has also created artwork for Iron Maiden, Fates Warning and many others.

Regular Edition:

Special Edition: