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Resources Where is the DT discography?
The unofficial Dream Theater Songbook was maintained by Michael Kizer and can be found here.

It has not been updated since after Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence was released, but Michael had asked me to merge it with DTFAQ so it should get updated shortly.

Where is the DT tourography?
The team at Lines in the Sand (a popular, but now defunct, DT fansite) joined forces with MP.com to bring DT fans the ultimate Dream Theater tourography, located here.

It is updated very often by Setlist Scotty (who gets set lists from MP himself), and is by far the most complete list of DT shows available.

Is there a bootleg list anywhere?
There aren't any official bootleg lists, nor are there any complete bootleg lists... but a few sites do come close.

Your Majesty, the French DT Fan Club, has a very extensive and well-organised list of some of the better quality bootlegs out there.

For Fans By Fans (previously Live And Rare Recordings), operated by Ed Polzin, is the most complete bootleg list currently known. It's organised by tour, and has high quality artwork downloads for each bootleg.

So even though there aren't any official bootleg lists, the two sites above list practically every DT bootleg ever produced.

Where can I find DT lyrics?
In the CD booklets. :P

SongMeanings.com also contains a full list of lyrics.

You could also search online for "dream theater lyrics".

Are there any DT fansites?
There is a very large number of DT fansites, with more and more popping up.

The best way of finding DT fansites is either by searching the web, or visiting the DT.net fansites listing.

Is there a DT mailing list?
There used to be. It was called "the Ytsejam Mailing List" (ytsejam-request@torchsong.com), unfortunately it is no more.

Can I get Ytsejam back-issues?
There isn't any regularly-updated YML archive any longer. There used to be, but it has since been neglected and is now no longer accessible.

Is there a DT Chat (IRC) channel?
The DT.net IRC is no longer in existence.

Is there a DT fan club?
The previous Dream Theater International Fan Club
(Theater of Dreams) shut down its doors in 2004. Currently, no fan clubhas the international status.

http://www.voicesuk.netVoices UK(World Wide)
http://www.themirror.de The Mirror (Germany)
http://www.yourmajesty.netYour Majesty (France)
http://www.italiandreamers.net ItalianDreamers (Italy)
http://www.dtnorway.com DTNorway (Norway)
http://dreamtheater.jp Carpe Diem (Japan)
http://www.infinitedreams.gr InfiniteDreams (Greece)
http://www.dreamtheater.com.br YtseBR (Brazil)
http://dt-home.com Home (Turkey)
http://www.dreamtheater.co.il YtseIammers Israel (Israel)

The DTIFC published 10 cd's from 1996 to 2004, most of which contained rare and unreleased tracks (either in demo form or live form) - with the exceptions of the 1997 release that documented the creation of Falling Into Infintiy, and the 2001 release that essentially contained four radio edits from the upcoming release of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, and finally the 2004 release of the Stream of Consciousness Song Writing Contest Winners (which did not include any Dream Theater material).

When DTIFC closed, 6 remaining regional clubs worked together to produce a dvd called "A Walk Beside The Band" - a tour documentary documenting the european tour of 2005 with backstage material, interviews, and several complete songs.

The 6 clubs further published a dvd called "Romavarium", which contained the album Octavarium played live from start to finish, one of the very few times this has been done.