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Band Who thought up the name Dream Theater?
In the early stages of their career, Dream Theater were known as Majesty (named after Mike's description of the song "Bastille Day" by Rush). However, before the recording of When Dream and Day Unite another band named Majesty got in contact with DT ordering them to change their name.

Various names were considered ("Glasser" was the band's official name for about a week), but Howard Portnoy (Mike's father) gets the honour of being the person that suggested "Dream Theater". Mike got a message on his answering machine from his father telling him about a movie theater in California called the Dream theater, and the band liked it so much they used it for their band name.

In 2002 the theater was demolished, much to the dismay of local DT fans.

What is the 'symbol' DT use?
The "Majesty Symbol" (as it is commonly known) is the letter "M" of "MAJESTY" in a stylized lettering, and is based on the symbol used by Mary Queen of Scots.

It can be seen on all the album covers, as well as most of the discs themselves.

Charlie Dominici claims to have been the one creating the symbol, by using each letter of his last name to create the stylized version - but as can be shown by the actual stitchings by Mary Queen of Scots, the differences between the old original symbol and the current Dream Theater symbol is miniscule. While the symbol may have been chosen for the fact that it does enable one to spell out Dominici fully, it certainly was not created by Dominici as claimed.

Who are DT's main influences?
DT have been influenced by dozens of bands at one time or another, so it's impossible to list which bands did and didn't influence DT. However, in a recent interview, Mike summed up the band as follows:

"It's kind of like taking Metallica, Rush and Pink Floyd and putting them into a microware and waiting 'til the thing exploded and what comes out is Dream Theater."

Queensryche, Yes and Genesis are also among the band's biggest influences over the years.

For individual influences, see the "Members" section.

Where did DT go to school?
Petrucci, Myung, Portnoy and Sherinian all went to the Berklee school of music in Boston, MA. Berklee is a music-dedicated school that has produced the likes of Steve Vai, Al Di Meola and Chris DeGarmo. Jordan Rudess attended Julliard in New York from the age of 9, and Kevin Moore went to SUNY Fredonia, in New York.

When at Berklee, JM, JP and MP all left school to concentrate on the band after the first year, so none of them graduated (Although a common rumor states that Dream Theater holds doctorates in music, which isn't true).

The two Johns and Kevin also went to high school together.

Are the band members religious?
The following was confirmed by Jordan Rudess on his message board, in a post made by one of the members asking about JR's religion:

James LaBrie - Spiritual Deist

James has said in many interviews that he is Christian, and actively practices the religion. There is a (no longer available) interview from HM Magazine that had him talk in-depth about his beliefs, and the lyrical meaning of the song Blind Faith, with the interviewer and John Petrucci.

From http://www.dprp.net/specials/labrie0405/
"He may be talking from the other side of the Atlantic, but from the conviction and confidence in his voice, I get the sense that this last idea is one he has spent a lot of time thinking through. Indeed Ive long had the impression from his lyrics tracks like Blind Faith - that James LaBrie was a practising Christian. He again has no hesitation when I ask him to clarify his beliefs.

I was brought up in Catholicism. My parents still go to church every weekend. When I grew up, I went to church every Saturday evening. But basically as you get older, you start to read things, observe, you become your own thinker or at least I hope you do. I would say that today Im a more spiritual-directed person.

Like politicians, in an industry dominated by the culture of sound bites, it is unusual to find a prominent musician willing to unveil more than he or she has to. But warming to the topic, James LaBrie is happy to oblige, when I invite him to go a little deeper.

My whole concept on it is that we are in a dimension that is what it is. We are put here for a purpose, but I think its beyond human comprehension. I dont think its something that we really need to know. At this point of spiritual evolution, I think we are dealing with this stage that we are in right now. As an existence. We have to go through it. We have to live with it and we grow, so that when we go on into another dimension, it is completely beyond what we could ever conceive.

I really do think that there's an entity or a creator that has brought the cosmos and has rationale. Its not necessarily random. I think there is a purpose. There is a place that all of this is going to. I definitely feel that the consciousness that we have, there's a reason for it. Its not something that we completely have to understand for every question and every answer theres so many yet to come. Anyway without getting into it in great detail wed need six hours and more for that thats my take on it. "

John Myung - Christian

This is as much confirmation as we can get: he said in an interview once that Jesus is his biggest influence in life. Anyone with more information please contact us.

John Petrucci - Catholic

In the above-mentioned interview with James, he stated that he is a catholic and actively practices the religion. This is also evident in some of his songs, particularly Scarred and Voices.

Mike Portnoy - Jewish

In a Ytsejam.com "10 Quick Ones" interview, Mike said that he is Jewish, but doesn't practice the religion. Jordan Rudess also confirmed this in the message board post mentioned above.

Jordan Rudess - Jewish

In the message board post above, Jordan stated that he is Jewish... see the comments below for some more information.