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Performances What songs have never been played live?
So far, the only songs DT have never played lived are:

"Space-Dye Vest"
"Don't Look Past Me"

Mike asked Kevin Moore to join the band on stage at the Metropolis 2000 Roseland Ballroom show (recorded for Live Scenes From New York) to play SDV for the first and only time on stage, as well as play a two-keyboard version of LTL with Jordan, but he declined.

What songs have only been played live?
Thanks to Scott Hansen for submitting detailed info on the following:

The following have only ever been played live (and not recorded in a studio setting):

"Bombay Vindaloo" (improvised jam, available on LATM)
"Moon Bubbles"
"Showdown" (evolved into "Raise the Knife")
"Slow Motion" (played during the first half of Jan '93)
untitled funk jam (no real name - played on select shows during the middle of Apr '93)
"Innocence Faded" jam (early version of the current IF, played in Apr '93)
Awake jam (instrumental following LSOAD during Awake shows from Nov '94 thru early '95)
"Lost Without You" (formerly Rena's Song) (played during early '95 thru the rest of the year - has since been played at John's G3 appearances)

Who has toured with DT?
There are really too many bands that have toured with DT in their 20 year history to list them all here.

The Ytsejam Records is a good place to learn about which bands have played on the same bill as Dream Theater.

Why haven't DT been to [country]?
The band doesn't have any control over which countries they play on tour. It all comes down to the promoter of the tour to decide which shows are played, and the decision is usually purely financial. I'm sure DT would love to play in every country on Earth, but sometimes it's just not possible.

What was the Ronnie Scott's gig?
The "Ronnie Scott's Uncovered Gig" was a show in which Dream Theater played a full show of cover tunes. Several special guests appeared as DT played the music that has influenced their own writings and styles. The complete set list (and guest list) was as follows:

Songs marked with (*) are available on the A Change of Seasons release. Songs marked with (+) are available on the DTIFC's Christmas CD.

Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club - 1/31/95

Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding (Elton John)*
Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple)*
Red Hill Mining Town (U2)+
Medley: The Rover, Achilles Last Stand, The Song Remains The Same*
Tears (Rush)+
Damage Inc. (Metallica) with Barney Greenway (Napalm Death)+
Happiness is a Warm Gun (Beatles) with Steve Hogarth (Marillion)
Easter (Marillion) with Steve Hogarth and Steve Rothery (Marillion)
Winter (Tori Amos)
In The Dead of Night (UK)
Medley: Machine Messiah, Heart of the Sunrise, Close To The Edge, Siberian Khatru, Starship Trooper with Steve Howe (Yes)
The Big Medley: In The Flesh? (Pink Floyd), Carry On Wayward Son (Kansas), Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin (Journey), Cruise Control (Dixie Dregs), Turn It On Again (Genesis)*

Has anyone else sung for DT?
Disregarding the obvious (Charlie Dominici et al), Mike had the dubious privilege of singing the end of "Surrounded" after James walked off the stage at one of their 1993 England shows. He also sang the beginning of "The Killing Hand" at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT in December of 1996, when James "...got caught up backstage". Mike has also done the first few lines of "Take the Time" at nearly every show on the FII tour.

Other instances of singers other than James singing with the band:

- Mike picked up lead vocal duties during the first verse of "Anna Lee" at the February 26th, 1998 show in Brussels Belgium. The verse was followed by "Where the f--- is James!?"

- In February 2000, when James left the stage under threat of arrest from the fire marshall, Mike sang most of "The Spirit Carries On" with the entire crowd singing along.

- On the 2000 Christmas CD, there is a version of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" with Greg Chick (who was pulled up from the crowd) on vocals (see attached photo).

- Chris Jericho (a.k.a. Fozzy's Mongoose McQueen) sang with the band on stage for one song in Canada in early 2002.

- Bruce Dickinson has sang with the band on a number of occasions, including a BBC Sessions-style cover of Deep Purple's "Perfect Strangers", and in Los Angeles on 5/18/98 when he sang "The Trooper", "Where Eagle's Dare" and "Killers" (all Iron Maiden) with DT. That show is available through Ytsejam Records as an official bootleg.

- Also at that show, Ray Alder sang "Pull Me Under".

Who is Nightmare Cinema?
Nightmare Cinema is a warped version of Dream Theater. It features John Petrucci on drums, John Myung on keyboards, Mike Portnoy on bass, Derek Sherinian on guitar, and James LaBrie on vocals.

They made several appearances during encores in Europe, the US and Japan, starting with the November 1st, 1997 show at the House of Blues in Chicago. Nightmare Cinema's setlists consisted almost entirely of Deep Purple's "Perfect Strangers", but Ozzy's "Suicide Solution" was played on one occasion in Japan.

Once Derek left DT, Nightmare Cinema also ceased to exist, with Mike saying it was a special thing between that line-up of the band and it won't be repeated.

Who is Nicky Lemons?
Nicky Lemons is Derek Sherinian's alter ego. Supported by the Migraine Bros (Petrucci and Portnoy), his hit song "I Don't Like You" was played as an encore to many shows during the Touring Into Infinity world tour. The ficticious album entitled Ugly American was planned for release, but unfortunately due to lack of support the project was scrapped.