Are there any overdubs on DT's live albums?
Yes, there have been a few fix-ups on DT's live albums over the years, although MP has tried to stay away from the studio as much as possible since Live at the Marquee.

LATM: A significant chunk of the vocals were overdubbed, as well as some of the guitars.

OIALT: I'm unsure if there were any overdubs on this album, but Derek points out that there were no keyboard touch-ups at all.

LSFNY: JP's back-up vocals in "The Silent Man" were re-recorded because he sang the wrong lyrics on the night. There was also a screw-up in "Through Her Eyes" which was not fixed because Mike wasn't available on the day the overdubs were recorded (both his and JP's back-up vocals at the concert for that song were through the same mic, so it wasn't possible to just re-record JP).

The Awakened
On Live Scenes, JP's shred feast after the first chorus is overdubbed. MikePortnoy.com, I believe also said that all of JP's vocals were overdubbed. I could be wrong.

Which song? It also sounds like James was overdubbed on "Carpe Diem"-You can hear aslightly off pitch echoing through some other channels

Tom Manning
Not all of JP's vocals were overdubbed on SFNY. For example Fatal Tragedy and A Change of Seasons.

There were no overdubs on OIALT (James states this on a bootleg around the release of it).

There's a sax on once in a livetime but not in the live show in Paris...

Moses Sun
One thing that Mike left out in LSFNY is the last chorus of "Deja Vu." Mike sang the backup vocals for that part, but it never made into the final mix. And about the question that Kikithead asked, the video from "5 Years in a LIVETime" is actaully an edited version, so it's not complete. I'm not 100% sure, but if you go check on Mikeportnoy.com's tournography, and check the date for that live in Paris, there should be a "Take Away my Pain" setlist with Jay Beckenstein featuring as guest Saxophonist. For now, it's all I have. Hope it was helpful.


The alto sax on Take Away My Pain was not present at the Paris show recorded for the Once In A Livetime CD. Have a look at the bootleg called 'The Lost Paris Tapes' http://www.yourmajesty.net/concert2.asp?num_id=52

Moses Sun
Actually, I made a mistake. It says in the 5 Years in a LIVETime commentary that the alto sax was merely a studio overdub by Jay Beckenstein. My personal take on this is, the sax wasn't there for the Paris live show, but the studio version has sax because of the overdub.

In "Live in Tokyo" DVD commentary when Jay is caught in the footage of recording "Another Day," Mike says that Jay has been working with Dream Theater for 4 records..."Another Day" on Images and Words is one, studio overdub for "Take Away my Pain" demo version in Falling into Infinity is another, studio overdub for the same song on Once in a LIVETime is another, and finally, Live Scenes from New York.

Just for a side note, I got a bootleg recently that has the complete setlist for Rotterdam Unplugged on June 22nd, 1998. They sing "Another Day" and "Take Away my Pain" with a Dutch saxophonist called Hubert Young that the Theatre of Dreams fanclub hired.

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