Is there a DT fan club?
The previous Dream Theater International Fan Club
(Theater of Dreams) shut down its doors in 2004. Currently, no fan clubhas the international status.

http://www.voicesuk.netVoices UK(World Wide)
http://www.themirror.de The Mirror (Germany)
http://www.yourmajesty.netYour Majesty (France)
http://www.italiandreamers.net ItalianDreamers (Italy)
http://www.dtnorway.com DTNorway (Norway)
http://dreamtheater.jp Carpe Diem (Japan)
http://www.infinitedreams.gr InfiniteDreams (Greece)
http://www.dreamtheater.com.br YtseBR (Brazil)
http://dt-home.com Home (Turkey)
http://www.dreamtheater.co.il YtseIammers Israel (Israel)

The DTIFC published 10 cd's from 1996 to 2004, most of which contained rare and unreleased tracks (either in demo form or live form) - with the exceptions of the 1997 release that documented the creation of Falling Into Infintiy, and the 2001 release that essentially contained four radio edits from the upcoming release of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, and finally the 2004 release of the Stream of Consciousness Song Writing Contest Winners (which did not include any Dream Theater material).

When DTIFC closed, 6 remaining regional clubs worked together to produce a dvd called "A Walk Beside The Band" - a tour documentary documenting the european tour of 2005 with backstage material, interviews, and several complete songs.

The 6 clubs further published a dvd called "Romavarium", which contained the album Octavarium played live from start to finish, one of the very few times this has been done.
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